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Vertical rope. Corde lisse.

Simple, solid, rough & fluid. Still, the visuality and complexity of the possibilities within the object make it so appealing to touch, to climb, to tangle.

During her time in Lahti Circus School (SaSak), Laura started developing her own unique style of moving in the air. It's expressive, dramatic, sharp and honest. She enjoys the way she can express herself in any way she wants and the rope will listen and respond. It's like having a conversation. 

Laura is available to perform at different events or projects & the theme of the act is customizable to fit the atmosphere of the place.

File_000 (11).jpeg
''RIOT'' - graduation solo from sasak 2021

An ode to the iconic era of psychedelia, an homage to the rebellious spirit of rock… What is there to learn from the time when chaos was welcomed?

Do not be deceived, this world is still yours, treat it as such.

Click here for the act's portfolio

'faux pas';
kukkofestival 2021

Originally part of a one-woman-show, this was the closing act of the production.

It represents coming to terms with one's struggles, giving in to what feels most natural and letting go of what cannot be controlled.

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