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Laura Kivistik is a circus artist specialized in vertical rope. Besides her main discipline she also loves training dance acrobatics, banquine, handstands and aerial silks.

Laura was born in Tallinn in the year 2000. At 6 years old she joined Circus Studio Folie, a local youth circus, and trained with them for 11 years. During that time she performed in countless shows and many productions, traveled around Europe to different circus festivals and learned so much about herself and the world. 

At 17, she set out to move abroad and study circus professionally in Salpauksen Sirkusartistikoulutus (SaSak) in Lahti, Finland, from which she graduated in spring of 2021. During school she did a lot of creative exploration and developed her own unique style of moving on the vertical rope. 

Laura loves being on stage, performing and sharing her passion with the world. She's open to collaborations with different people on projects, productions or any other gigs, not limited to the world of circus but also music, visual arts, dance, theatre, commericals etc. 

Currently, Laura is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Power, expression, connection, adaptibility and individuality are things Laura strives towards and keeps in mind every day when moving forwards with her goals.

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