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Laura is a circus artist and performer. Specialized in vertical rope, her other loves include banquine and acrobatics. She loves working in ensembles, creating and collaborating with different people.

Born in Estonia in the year 2000, she enrolled in a youth circus at 6 years old. The time between that and the end of high school was spent training and performing in countless shows and many productions, traveling around Europe to different circus festivals and constantly learning about herself and the world. 


At 17, she set out to move abroad and study circus professionally in Salpauksen Sirkusartistikoulutus (SaSak) in Lahti, Finland, from which she graduated in spring of 2021. During her time at school she learned some truly valuable lessons, developed her own unique way of moving on the rope and  became even more infatuated by the creative entertainment field.

Some of Laura's favourite things include traveling, training, cooking, quality time with friends, movement, nature and being creative.

Currently, she is based in Tallinn, Estonia. In work (and in life) Laura values trust, honesty, fun, individuality and open-mindedness and is open for worldwide collaborations with all types of artists, brands, creatives, productions and projects.

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